Discover the Langhe and Roero


Retrace the wine history of the Langhe.
Tour the most important wineries with our tailor-made wine tastings.

Once checked-in, our staff will be happy to guide you towards the the best wineries the Langhe has to offer, providing you with the choice of numerous wine tastings.

The cellars are more than wonderful testimonies of the Langhe wine culture: they are fascinating places rich in history and tradition that offer a unique experience suitable for everyone, experts and new-comers.


In the heart of the landscape.
Our e-bike routes are ideal for those who want to venture out and enjoy nature to the fullest.

Saddle up and get ready to explore and immerse yourself in entirely new places. Plenty routes to take you through breathtaking landscapes and to discover all the natural beauties the Langhe have to offer.

Whether you are a professional cyclist or not, with tour affiliated e-bikes rental services, you can fully enjoy the adventure of an excursion without any effort and with every comfort.


Short distances yet a thousand roads, get on a Vespa and enjoy the fascinating ways in which each season paints the Langhe landscape.

To explore this territory at its fullest, nothing beats a ride on a Vespa.
Book a day and wander through these charming places, up and down the hills or traveling along the valleys and the streets of the many sparkling historical villages, which open up on unique vistas.

Guaranteed fun, and a perfect experience for all seasons.


Fly over the Langhe.
Try an exclusive one-of-a-kind experience and enjoy the view from a completely new point of view.

Getting on a hot air balloon is an unforgettable experience on its own, exceeded only by flying over the wonderful Langhe area hundreds of meters up in the sky.

Book a flight and embark on this wonderful offer which will allow you to fly over a colorful and varied landscape: from up there it will take on a completely different perspective.